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The DSM operates in the sector of agricultural machinery.

Devoted exclusively to the production of machines for the spraying and the weeding of the crops and plants, building and studying machines that are more functional and avant-garde to save the most possible workforce, ensuring the utmost caution for the operator that uses them and for the environment!


Special Serre

With the Range of Special Greenhouses, we have designed and developed machines with innovative system able to spray and fumigate the greenhouse with a surface area up to 10,000 square meters in only 3 minutes to the lowered curtains.
Everything from the outside, with a' specific system of fumigation on the inside of the same, cautelando so the operator is 100%, and the dispersing fewer molecules available in the environment!

New F-3 jet hydro

The sprayers special for vineyards and the F-3 are part of a group-based hydro turbine centrifuge, able to carry out treatments in the high and low pressure, all facilitated by a new jet beams of our own production, branded DSM italia.


F-3 Led

F-3 Wheeled

The nebulizer is wheeled to the centrifugal, low/high volume

Our machines at work


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Construction of atomizers


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We are the atomizers !!!

The Story


At the historic site on Via Antonio Gramsci, Full Jet A-brand atomizers were produced.


DSM (an acronym for Domenico Salvatore Marcello) was born out of the need to create high-performance machines with high quality standards at competitive prices. From the beginning it focused on the construction of sprayers, foggers, spraying units and weed bars. At first, sales were concentrated in the Calabria region alone. Gradually the sales network expanded to all other regions of Italy as well.




DSM was among the first companies in the province of Reggio Calabria to invest considerable sums in the purchase of new machinery for metal carpentry processing.

Internalization of the company began with the establishment of the first European and foreign sales networks.




DSM Italia s.a.s. becomes DSM Italia S.r.l. with the final transition from founder Domenico Pronestì to his sons. The latter, carry on the family legacy with passion and dedication to their work.

The first DSM weed choppers are designed and later produced.


To date, the know-how generated over the years, the continuous relationship with farmers, and the countless field trials have enabled us to perfect existing models and create machines that save as much as possible: labor, and ensure the utmost caution of the operator and the environment. In addition, the company has always designed and developed innovative systems. Creating solutions, including customized ones, that facilitate the work of farmers around the world.

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